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Members of the band

  Phill all instruments and vocals

General info

  I am Phill. I'm a guitarist and musician. At the moment there are no other band members, I record everything in the comfort of my home. I play Ibanez, BC Rich, Fender, Ovation, and Westone Guitars. I've been playing music for approximately 20 years for my own amusement and entertainment primarily. My main influences include Metal, Rock, Classical, and Progressive musical styles. I am currently working on my own masterpieces, however they are mostly incomplete. I will post more cuts in the future. Special thanks to -=RKR=- for the use of his bass on some cuts. The song "Shape Shifting" was originally designed to be an exercise for me to practice playing in different keys and modes. It evolved into this. I consider this to be a rough draft. I plan to update it in the future, maybe retake some solos and remix it.
  I would like to thank both -=RKR=- and JJB for all the inspiration. I've learned much about music from both of them. They are both close friends of mine and talented musicians. Thanks doods!

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cover of Iron Maiden's Phantom of the Opera n/a Download
Shape Shifting n/a Download

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