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Members of the band

  Kjartan Fluge - bass, background vocals
  Tore Landro - vocal, guitar, keyboard
  Chris Møller - guitar, background vocals
  Hjalmar Rongevær - drums, percussion

General info

  Petiko is a four-piece situated in Bergen, the musical capital of Norway. The group was formed in the year 1999 by Kjartan Fluge (bass, vocal), Tore Landro (vocal, guitar, keyboard), Chris Møller (guitar, vocal) and Hjalmar Rongevær (drums and percussion). Petiko is groovy, catchy, looping and humorous pop music influenced by a wide range of artists from the history of popular music – such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys and David Bowie to contemporary acts like Stereolab and Beck. Still Petiko maintain their own distinctive and exciting sound. Their newly released EP “We must learn from Las Vegas!” (Kaptein Kaliber Records) has already received excellent reviews in the musical and daily press in Norway.

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Crawdad n/a Download
Florvåg n/a Download
Plastique n/a Download
Red Coat n/a Download
Slomo n/a Download
We Must Learn From Las Vegas! n/a Download

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