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Pete Kyrie Band

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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Pete Kyrie - Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, lead guitars, slide, harp.
  Scott Finlayson - Drums
  Chris Sherk - bass

General info

  He sings from the heart and plays guitar from the soul.
  Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter with critically admired guitar playing abilities, writes songs that come straight from the pages of our lives... and this is just another day in his...
  Pete embodies the heart and soul that music used to embrace, blending folk, soul, rock and an assortment of everything else good, he is as comfortable with an acoustic guitar in a small coffee house as he is with a full band and a large venue. Opening up for such acts as Rik Emmett, Tegan and Sarah, Sandbox, Limblifter and Collective Soul.

Download free music

Eyes of a Child 4.92 MB Download
Forever Young 5.35 MB Download
If I had a Wish 4.95 MB Download
Is it Fair? 4.87 MB Download
Out There for Real 4.41 MB Download
Weight On My Shoulders 3.90 MB Download

Latest tracks

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