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Members of the band

  Freaky Boy
  Ninja J

General info

  Perselintu! was formed by Jaacco and Freaky Boy like something in 1997.
  The main reason behind all the bullshit was simply to get over everyday routines and loops and find a creative way to let off all the fukked up conceptions swelling in our heads.
  pL! have actually growed so big that we have found sensible to base some sub-bands to manage different music styles into more comprehensible form. So if you hear some music by pL!ryhmä or Convicted or something else, you will know that it's the big Perselintu!family behind all that shit!

Download free music

Autohuolet 3 1.55 MB Download
Jammu On Vapaa 2 1.60 MB Download
Tao Tao 1.51 MB Download

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