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P.B.T Entertainment

P.B.T Entertainment
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Members of the band

  Charles Lake
  John Barnes
  J Hollywood

General info

  Who and what is P.B.T? That’s not really the question at hand. The real question is: What is missing from Hip-Hop today?
  That answer is easy: energy, soul, charisma, talent. So many of the artists of today are corporate cookie sheet made. Given the same beats by the same producer, rapping about the same material.
  P.B.T is out to break that mold. So much of today’s music is based on where you’re from.
   P.B.T believes that real hip-hop is felt in all hoods on all coast. None of us are from the same city, let alone the same state.
  P.B.T Entertainment's artist and producers hail from many different parts of the country: Chi-town, Dover, Toledo, Louisiana, Virginia Beach, Connecticut, Florida, and South Carolina. Because none of us grew up together, we each have our own stories to tell.
  P.B.T Entertainment believes that you can have great lyrics and content like “Little Brother” and at the same time be able to entertain and have a wide mass appeal like “Ludacris”.
  P.B.T is a perfect blend for today’s market. A market that gets the same tired music every day on the radio. Hip-Hop isn’t on the radio anymore, but P.B.T is here to bring it back.
  So be on the lookout for the new mixtape, “Tha Sampla 2.4”, hosted by the 2 time Mixtape of the year award winner, DJ G-SPot, to be released this May 2006 on online stores. Makes sure to check out the website for more exclusives tracks.
  If you’re feeling our music hit us up at:
  It time to bring hip-hop back.
  P.B.T Entertainment-Get at us…..
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