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Members of the band

  Big Shade Dawg - Producer/rapper
  Yung Feez - rapper
  Top Notch - rapper
  Hugg B - rapper
  Swainy Makk - rapper

General info

  Somebody asked us how PAZDAT got started. Well, it all started in Robbie Brown’s living room. They had been hanging out over their grandmother’s house on Thanksgiving Day 1999, when Uncle Rob invites them over his house to check out his new studio. Having worked with Big Shade Dawg and Young Feez on a couple demos, Rob knew the homies would be excited about his new toys and the proposal he would lay on them. The proposal was basically this, Rob would manage his nephews, allow them as much studio time as they needed, they would build a record company, release CD’s, tour the world, blow up, make a whole lot of money and have a whole hell of a lot of fun!!
  Yeah right…! Rob had them over his house with hammers, saws and nails; putting up walls, taking out trash, moving shit and scrubbing floors for months with little or nothing to eat until the studio was built. When the studio was finally completed, Big Shade Dawg, Young Feez, Swainy Makk, Top Notch, Hugg B, got in the studio and started cranking out all this creative stuff. All the stuff that had been pent up in them doing all the times when they had no money for studio time and had to make it out in the streets by mere ghetto instinct.
  Yeah that’s right… These boys are from the hood. But they are not just another ghetto hip hop story. They didn’t come from the projects, but they were not raised far from them. There moms and pops are not pimps and hoes, on welfare, drug dealers or crack heads, but they know some of those kind of people from around their way.
  Big Shade Dawg, Swainy Makk and Hugg B had a little taste of the streets, drugs, and gang bangin; you know the deal, in Pasadena, while Young Feez and his younger brother Top Notch were getting into their share of trouble in the L.A. Crenshaw area. But for the most part, these cats all grew up together in a tightly knit California musical family that was broke as hell.
  These guys, now known as PAZDAT are blood relatives. All five are first cousins and Rob is their uncle from their mothers’ side. Four out of six of Rob’s sisters gave birth to these poets and they all grew up watching Rob trying to break into the industry while listening to their mothers and their other family members singing and preaching in the church. But these dudes weren’t into the singing thing that tuff. Their first love has always been hip hop, rapping and for Big Shade Dawg, producing tight ass beats.
  Growing up listening and watching artists like Run DMC, Ice Cube, the Lynch Mob, Too Short, Tu Pac and other artist of the late 80’s and 90’s, these brothers are also inspired by current artists like E-40, CJ Mac, Ludacris, Busta Rymes, Rakim, DMX, NAS, Goodie Mob, Out Kast, Method Man and Redman, Dr. Dre, Snoop, the Dogg Pound and others just to name a few.
  Although PAZDAT is inspired by the rhythms, sound and the rap artistry of the current hip-hop genre, their music combines elements of yesterday’s old school and today’s synthesized funky sounds with their own sometimes abrasive street hip hop lyrics. This ghetto black brew makes an original and indigenous musical space they can call their own.
  When asked how they came up with the name PAZDAT and what PAZDAT means, you get five different answers that some how seem to all coincide. Kind of like the way they approach writing a new song. They all come in with their own musical and lyrical points of view, but in the end, they have you bouncing your head to the same funky ass beat. “While most cats are still on the same old bull shit, we are way paz dat or we like to get a sack of some bomb and paz dat,” are some of the responses to the question of the PAZDAT name origin.
  PAZDAT’S goal in this music business is to reach the highest ghetto mentality in the hip hop game, keeping it real all the way to the bank and never forget where they came from.

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