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Paul Alan Smith

Paul Alan Smith
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Members of the band

  Paul Alan Smith songwriter, singer, big pianist...

General info

  (from BAM magazine):"Paul Alan Smith, a dazzling keyboard virtuoso, who has appeared with an eclectic variety of Bay Area bands, has more recently released original music with members of Santana, Starship, and Doobie Bros. and has focused on stage and movies projects. I just heard an amazing advance release of "The Bermuda Triangle Song" (from the upcoming "Little Movies" CD) which sounds like a very smooth Esquivel on acid. 180 degrees removed but also very cool are the live (at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose) tracks from his "Hotep California" project (also out soon, reportedly). Keep an ear out, and check out the various Bay Area appearances...-(JM)"

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Hotep California Live From the Tomb 1.46 MB Download
The Bermuda Triangle Song 1.76 MB Download

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