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Past Your Bedtime

Past Your Bedtime
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Members of the band

  d-lish a.k.a. lower case = anything you hear

General info

  check it! you have just surfed your way into the world wide web of paradise. let your eyes close and your ears open, as you indulge yourself in my musical sanctuary.
  i've been compared to the greats such as john lennon and scott stapp from the greatest modern rock band CREED. i know - i know what you're saying "hey d-lish, why the uppercases?", all i gots to say is when describin the best, you gots to use the caps lock! yeah dog!
  2 4 2 is an all american classic.
  "got no game" is yet again another classic. its a full of flava song that is reinventing the good old battle rap style. as you can tell, my boy "jake" is a total loser.
  coming soon!!: past your bedtime's first cover song will soon be coming your way. all instrumentation is performed by d-lish himself (drums, guitar, bass) including all vocals. this is a really really groovin' song so get ready to dance.

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2 4 2 1.25 MB Download
Got no game 3.85 MB Download

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