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Members of the band

  Oliver Dejanovic - bass
  Mirko Kesic - vocals
  (no info about other members)

General info

  Oliver Dejanovic, mastermind of the PARASTOS, formed this band in the summer of 1995, after KURTEA ARGES disbanded. He was joined by Svetozar Petkovic (vocals), Boris Golic (guitar), Predrag Blagojevic (guitar), Nebojsa Lakic (keyboards) and Branislav Grujic (bass). With this lineup, PARASTOS played lots of gigs across the city of Banja Luka, but soon band breaks apart. Boris, Pedja and Nebojsa formed a new project, progressive metal band ANNABEL LEE, and Oliver continued on his own. New lineup was formed in the end of 1997 with Mirko Kesic (vocals), Miroslav Cubrilo (guitar), Momir Grbic (guitar) and Sasa Komjenovic (drums). During that time Oliver was active in PROPAST, LOBOTOMIJA and MISTERIJA. Many successful gigs and reactions led to recording of a single song - "Marching Into Glory" in 1998. Unfortunately, lineup becomes unstable again since one of the guitarists goes to serve the army, and drummer moves to Slovenia. New song, "Land Of Tears", was recorded in Vukela studio in 2001, and was promoted, again as a single. Last words from the band were in 2002, when they started recording full-length album, with few songs recorded so far. Oliver, Nebojsa (ex-PARASTOS, ex-PROGRESSOR, ex-ANNABEL LEE) and Dejan (ex-PROGRESSOR) formed new band - INTERFECTOR, one of the most famous names in Serbian metal scene nowadays.

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