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Members of the band

  Darren Scott - Vocals
  Paul Eastwood - Guitar
  Helgi Gudbjartsson - Drums
  Nikk Smith - Bass

General info

  pacific formed 2003 in Manchester, England by Darren Scott (vocals) and Paul Eastwood (guitar.)
  Discovering a shared love of classic guitar bands, great songs and women, they began playing acoustic shows around the North West to much acclaim.
  Deciding to expand the sound to a full-on rock band, they recruited rhythm section Nikk Smith (bass) and Helgi Gudbjartsson (drums,) and have begun gigging their unique and original songs around Manchester, to excellent response.
  'History' and 'Low' have been well-received around the internet, on sites such as 'purevolume,' 'mp3 unsigned' and a myriad of others.
  New CD 'Evolver' showcases their current live set, with more uptempo crowd-pleasers like 'Guiding Light' and 'Belong To Me.' It is available from their site,
  pacific are aiming to write better and better rock and roll songs, and to explore new avenues in sound and song form. Their influences are from the last 50 years of guitar music, including Hendrix, the Stones, the Doors, Free and Led Zeppelin, the Verve, U2, and Dylan, to name a few.
  Their immediate goals are to play to more and more people, expanding their following and gaining fans everywhere they can. They understand the importance that hard work plays in achieving their ultimate goals, which is to reach the premier class of rock artists, namely U2, Radiohead, Coldplay and the Rolling Stones. Halfway wouldn't be such a bad thing..

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