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Pablo Sciuto

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Members of the band

  Pablo Sciuto (spanish guitar)
  Horacio Garķa (bass)
  Alejandro Gallego (drums)

General info

  Pablo Sciuto is an Uruguayan musician who like others captive with discs of brilliant and missing Eduardo Mateo, father of the Uruguayan fusion. Been born in a family of musicians, its native city began its formation at the beginning of the 90 in Montevideo, emphasizing its interventions in the prestigious club of jazz, Hot Club. Its music has taken to him to act in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Italy, France and Spain. In this last one one takes root at the end of year 1999, where a transformation in its composition begins, due to the interest by Brazilian musicians like Djavan, Lenine, Flavio Venturini, among others. In Spain it collaborates with musicians of the stature of, Leo Minax, Carlos Chaouen, Habana Abierta and Rita Tavares, in addition to to have win contest AMI and participated in the festival Cantigas de Mayo in his edition 2003. Three Hearts is your first disc in Spain, is the summary by its roots, where it approaches with his guitar and voice, as diverse styles as, bossa novates, jazz, candombe and rumba.

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