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orgasmic tortures

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Members of the band

  orgy - fruity loops prgramming, live drums/guitar/keyboard (on the few songs that were not made with only fruity loops), and vocals

General info

  quick news addition.... 11/26/04
  mp3 lizard has been weird lately, for a long time it was'nt letting me anyway....if you like what you hear here, go to soulseek and add me on your list, my slsk username is orgymaggotfeast
  and you can download every orgasmic tortures song that i have in mp3 form....
  if you want tapes of my old noisegrind/vocal noise grabage, email me
  -l- kill everything
  well, i am orgy the fat god
  i am the drummer of maggot feast, ukrainian burger harvest, boring well as the one of the 2 vocalists/programmers for joe and orgy's abortion clinic.
  orgasmic tortures is my solo noise/grind/shit/garbage... i do this stuff usually when i'm bored, or feeling really creative and no one from my other bands is around.
  not much else to for releases, nothing official as a solo release yet, but i am on a Fecal Matter Discorporated and Noisick records joint release.... it's a 4 way split with screaming machines, iron bitch face, rice and curry, and myself.... the album is called "mechanorgasm"
  or for info on that particular release
  coming soon (hopefully)
  noise as fuck a 4 way split
  Orgasmic Tortures
  Rage Against The Quail
  Joe And Orgys Abortion Clinic
  Coming From My Penis
  to explain the songs that are here for download
  "67 inhalers" and "disasters in the peanut butter factory" are old songs....i made both at least a year and a half ago
   the first of those two songs was made with me playing a guitar (very badly) and using a casio keyboard for percussion..
   the second was me banging on my desk, and making retarded vocal noise...... the keyboards/percussion/sound effects were done by jizzy borden (ex- vocalist for the now defunct noise gods H.I.V.)
  "Blood and Cum"...i just wanted to write a violent song about rape and torture......there it is (this song will more than likely end up on the 4-way split with j.a.o.a.c., c.f.m.p., and r.a.t.q.)
  "fear of my rapestick", is an evil song, based on a b class movie where this black girl was tortured and raped and left to bleed to death while she was tripping on l.s.d....
   so the music in this song is what i would put (if i was the filmmaker) in the background of a follow up scene where she lays in bed bleeding to death and crying.
   The vocals are supposed to be her hearing the evil things that were being said to her during the rape.
  the screams are supposed to be the rapist going insane as he leaves the room both laughing and screaming.....
  and of course...because of the acid, she is hearing this fucked up music, the screaming, and the fucked shit that the guy said during her rape all at the same time, which is how this forms into a song.
  it's very disturbing, enjoy.
  "lick my cock"...well, i pulled the song title out of thin air... the song has nothing to do with anything, i just liked it because the way the funky-ass-semi-tribal sounding percussion mixed with the gutter growls......almost like a modern day version of impetigo's "cannibal ballet"
  update 9/29/04
  i just added a brand new song's basically cheesy/electronic sounding blastbeats....some weird distorted piano noise that sounds like one of those toy guitar things, me growling and screaming alot.....and some porn samples in the background....
  it's called "I hope you weren't expecting me to pull out, bitch!"
  which is why i put that sample at the end of the song, where you hear the girl moan out "oh, i can feel you cummin in me"
  new song
  a noisy deathgrind tune about rape called "no means yes"

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67 Inhalers n/a Download
BLOOD AND CUM n/a Download
disasters in the peanut butter factory n/a Download
Fear of my rapestick n/a Download
I hope you weren't expecting me to pull out, bitch n/a Download
lick my cock n/a Download
no means yes n/a Download

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