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Members of the band

  Iván Amaya: VOCALS – GUITAR
  Andrés Sánchez: DRUMS
  Boris Cure: BASS
  Arturo Díaz: GUITAR

General info

  OPENSIGHT starts as a solid band at the end of 2002, when the line up takes its strongest shape, the music acquires an identity of its own, and the mission of being a representative and successful metal act is taken.
  Located in Colombia, South America, the band proposes an open vision towards music and lyrical content. OPENSIGHT creates a variety of sounds and textures within its music. Focusing in inspiring melodies, heaviness and the exploration of various atmospheres; the songs contain the elaborated contrasts and yet the spontaneous emotion to bring a memorable experience to the listener. The lyrical content covers from the introspective and abstract to the examination of the world and life in general, written in a versatile way that is open for interpretation and encourages the listener to be reflexive towards the subject matter exposed.

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Sleep Forever n/a Download
The more you see... the more you fear n/a Download

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