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Mario Maneri

Mario Maneri
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Mario Maneri, vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard
  Simona Maneri, vocals

General info

  Gli Opeliu sono un duo, Mario e Simona Maneri, di Roma.
  Mario canta, suona le chitarre, il basso e le tastiere e
  Simona canta e suona le percussioni.
  Il genere musicale principale il rock : melodico, acustico, con influenze blues, folk, pi varie contaminazioni. La musica di riferimento quella dei cantautori italiani e del grande rock degli anni 60-70. Al centro del loro discorso musicale gli Opeliu rimettono le belle melodie, le armonie ben costruite e i testi con un contenuto assolutamente controcorrente rispetto ai valori della cultura dominante. I temi da loro trattati e lo stile originale con cui li trattano li rendono assolutamente UNICI nel panorama musicale italiano, ascoltare per credere! Altra musica su
  We are a duo and we are from Italy, Rome.
  We play italian and english songs, and all songs are our compositions. Mario sings and plays guitars, bass, keyboards and others instruments, and Simona sings and plays percussions. The main genre of our music is acoustic rock, with contaminations of blues and folk. But we don't identify ourselves in only a specific genre. We have more than two thousand songs, as mp3 files, downloaded all over the world, and this is only the beginning!
  The name "Opeliu" dates from our childhood. Opeliu was an immaginary person, arisen from our fancy at school, and he was a traveller and a dreamer, and became a symbol that taken us for years to dreams, friendships and stories. We want you to travel and to dream with us and with our music towards a better world.
  Some people could say that our music is inspired by "crazy things", but music is often a crazy thing! It could happen that you read a poem of Cesare Pavese or John Keats and suddenly you write a song (listen to our "Last blues", "To autumn"...). Or it could happen that you are forced to wake up at five o'clock in the morning because of a new tune that came to you in a dream! Inspiration is surely a crazy thing!
  We think that music must be expression of our best qualities, inspirations and aspirations, and we think that music can make this world a better place.
  If you love the mega-production maybe you have to search for some other artists, but if you love music made with love, heart and inspiration, well, you are in the rigth place! More music on
  "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever" J.Keats

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