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One Man Led By God

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Members of the band

  William Mcdougal

General info

   I'm currently One Man Led By God.
  I've been following God for some time now. Being led day by day.
   My music comes in all sorts of flavors: Dance, Acoustic, Classical, Ambient, and experimental. I Chose the alternative genre to get maximum viewage.
   All music created with Reason 2.5, Acid Pro 3.0, Roland XP-80,
  Cakewalk Pro audio, and a casio keyboard.
   and I give God the Glory for all Insperation.

Download free music

A Walk in Space n/a Download
Abstract Jazz n/a Download
Jeannie n/a Download
Morning is Breaking n/a Download
Outer Limits n/a Download
SupaTrance n/a Download
Sweet Dreams n/a Download

Latest tracks

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