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One Hundred In Glass

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Members of the band

  Tommi Dahl "Tommy" - Guitars
  Jukka-Pekka Kallio "Juhiss" - Guitar / Vocals
  Mika Lahti "Miksu" - Vocals
  Juuso Bergdahl "Kankky" - Drums
  Jukka Vankka "Vande" - Bass

General info

  One Hundred In Glass was born back in the Spring of 2006, when four friends decided to start making post-hardcore music. After the Summer, bass player Vande joined the band. Since the beginning, there has been a clear picture of how the band should sound and each member knows its role.

Download free music

Roses "DEMO" n/a Download
Time To Shine "DEMO" n/a Download
Trigger "DEMO" n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks