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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Kevin Lacerda - Lead Vocals
  Anthony Mattera - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
  Bill Findley - Rhythm Guitar
  Jeff Joseph - Bass
  Jeff Cruz - Drums

General info

  Ohana is an alternative rock based band hailing from Rhode Island. The band takes influence from a wide variety of music. From the catchiness of 90's favorite Third Eye Blind to Fall Out Boy, to the edginess of hard rockers like Velvet Revolver, Ohana‘s sound is unforgettable and unique..
  Jeff Joseph and Anthony Mattera had left their previous band FallOut in the summer of 2005, and wanted to try something fresh and unique. They posted a flyer in their local area looking for other musicians to start a new project with.
  Within a day of it’s posting, vocalist Kevin Lacerda responded to the ad. They met up with Kevin, rhythm guitarist Bill Findley, and original bass player Andy Miller. Everything fit quite perfectly. Though practices were few, due to each members’ schedules, the band worked on covers to get acquainted with each other whenever they could, and soon a bond formed within its members.
  Anthony, quite suddenly, decided to leave the band due to the lack of practicing. A few months later, Andy Miller died of a heart complication. His loss shattered the band immensely. It was only obvious for the band to continue, using the name ‘Ohana’ from a tattoo on Andy’s leg, meaning ’family’. Jeff took Andy’s spot as bass player, and Shryne drummer Jeff Cruz came on board. Anthony soon rejoined the band and the group started getting more serious.
  The group is currently booking gigs and promoting relentlessly. They are armed with ambition and long term goals.
  With Kevin Lacerda's powerhouse lead vocals and on-stage charisma, Anthony Mattera's unique and memorable lead guitar & backing harmonies, Bill Findlay's steady and precise rhythmic guitar work, Jeff Joseph's thundering low-end bass madness and energetic stage presence, and Jeff Cruz's technical, effective drumming, Ohana is a band you do not want to miss.

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