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Occupation: Riot

Occupation: Riot
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Members of the band

  Matt "Gee Monius Maximus" Tomlinson - Bass Master Flex/Throat
  "Sophomore Mono" Mike Stopa - Insane Guitar Solo Machine
  Brian "Mushroomhead" Miller - Bangs things
  Joe "Has VD" Turcotte - our favorit fan
  Hippy Pat "a.k.a pat's more punk than you" McMorran - Manager type deal
  Glen "Crock Hunter" (insert last name) - Bass

General info

  We are Occupation: Riot. Fuck the cunts!
  Out of the ashes of a metal band. Arises a new... more shittier... more shitacular... more scrumdiddlyumptious band that is guaranteed to rock your fucking cocks off.

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Demo 1 n/a Download
Demo 2 n/a Download
Demo 2 Riot Soundtrack n/a Download
Government Sux n/a Download

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