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Members of the band

  G*Brilliant, the founder of, produces breakbeat and its sub genres. He’s been devoting himself to electronic music for more than 6 years. Some of his tracks have been released on Russian labels and now he’s preparing to conquer the Western music scene. But it’s promotion of Russian breaks music, increasing the prestige of Russian musicians and improving the quality of produced music material, which is seen by G*Brilliant as his main objective.
  Access Denied:
  A new musical project named "Access Denied" appeared in Byelarussian town of Brest in 2003.The musician Andrew Kulik aka "Mute" is the only participant of the project The first and the following tracks of "Access Denied" were born in Break Beat and Trip Hop styles. The tracks of that period were notable for distinktive depressive sound and chillout atmosphere. Mute continued experementing on the sound and developing both musicially and technically.
  At the begining of 2005 after the great amount of material was accumulated, the fist album "Gradation-Degradation" was published. The volume contained the best tracks written from 2003 till 2005.
  Since 2005 the intensive tour activity of "Access Denied" has begun. Mute perfomed on the same stage with such stars as APHRODITE (UK), dJ HYPER (UK), Chris Clark (WARP, UK), Animals on Wheels (NinjaTune, UK), Janek Schaefer (Bip Hop/Audio Oh!, UK), Battery Operated (C0C0S0L1DC1T1, UK/CA) and many others. Today "Access Denied" works in such styles as Breaks and Electro.
  Latest album from Access Denied is now available on Nubreaks.Net

  Free Tunes:
  Access Denied - Virtual Click
  Access Denied - Extaz
  Spaz known in daily life as Sergey Kabakov produces hard and at the same time intelligent breaks sound. We are sure that large number of highly professional works will bring this young and talented producer deserved popularity very soon. A few new singles and EP from Spaz are planned to be introduced on in the nearest future.
  Latest album from Spaz is now available on Nubreaks.Net

  Free Tunes:
  Spaz - Plastic Factor
  Spaz - Brilliant Blast
  Electro DJ:
  Alexander Mazhara (Electro DJ) was born in 1983. His passion for “break beats” can be traced back to 1995 when he came across the album “Exit planet dust” by Chemical Brothers. Later this turns into his life style. During the period between 1998 and 2002 he was making numerous illegal Breakz parties where he was both an organizer and a DJ. And it’s 2006 when he has got to know NuBREAKS Net. In 2002 he tried himself for the first time in the role of a producer and got totally involved into it.
  Mironov Roman (aka Novel) is currently in state of one of the most promising talents in Russian breakbeat scene. Release of his first EP on music label was a giant step towards success and acknowledgment by breakbeat listeners all over the world.Novel also produces house music where he also makes progress. In 2006 we expect from Roman new interesting releases, new singles, remixes and of course a highly anticipated album.

General info

  Nubreaks.Net.Label - Breaks & BreakBeat
  The label was set up by G*Brilliant in 2005 as a home for russian breakbeat fresh and talanted artists. We are proud to have released some of the russian finest tunes/EPs and soon will release artist albums by G*Brilliant, Novel, ETEN and others.

Download free music

Access Denied - Extaz n/a Download
Access Denied - Virtual Click n/a Download
Spaz - Brilliant Blast n/a Download
Spaz - Plastic Factor n/a Download

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