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Members of the band

  Stevan Dragić - drums
  Nikola Đukanović - bass & additional vocals
  Stevan Radoičić - guitar & lead vocals

General info

  NoYz? gathered at Belgrade in sumer of 2004. NoYz? band was formed after The NeSts! splitted up . We are about to send our songs to some labels in Serbia,and,I hope,somewhere in Europe... We are playing grunge-rock,the kind of what Nirvana did, and not only Nirvana but we have some other influences .

Download free music

amarkS atsariS - Zajebana ekipa sa Trga n/a Download
Diarrhea n/a Download
E.N.L. (Ein neues Lied) n/a Download
Four Fingers (vocals) n/a Download
I Am Not OK And Nor Are You n/a Download
Lord Of The Shrinkx (Live,Edited,Loud) n/a Download
Sharkey - Bitch Case (wtf?) n/a Download

Latest tracks

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