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Kromer Ltd.

Kromer Ltd.
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Members of the band

  Joe Kromer

General info

  Right now all of this music is instrumental but soon hopefully it wont be E-mail me if you like this stuff- .My music style is various i can play anything but im mostly writting rock/metal these days. All my music is written and recorded by me at my home on my pc.
  I play guitar, bass,and drums fluently.
  Most of my music on here will have several trax of guitar some with more than 4 trax in 1 song ...

Download free music

1rst apathy w/vocals by jjk n/a Download
Apathy by kromer n/a Download
Dammaged by joe k. n/a Download
finest hour by jjk n/a Download
Mass Amputation By JJK n/a Download
My Demons By joe k n/a Download

Latest tracks

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