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Members of the band

  Roel van Gils - Bass, Double bass, Chapman stick
  Remco Bouwens - Drums, Percussion
  Jos Duijst - Vocals
  Stef Köhler - Guitar, Sarod, Sitar
  Martijn Hoekstra - Piano, Hammond, Mellotron

General info

  History of the band
  The story of November starts where the story of a group called The Emerald Tablet ends… Stef formed The Emerald Tablet in the winter of 1995 and the musical wish Stef had was a mix between melancholic slow-core and progressive rock. After a while of searching for the right people the band was completed and existed of six members. Due to all kinds of musical and personal struggles The Emerald Tablet stopped existing in 1999. The Emerald Tablet split up in two groups: November and Gardin. In 2000 Martijn and Stef formed November and Michel (guitar and vocals) formed Gardin (a slow-core trio) November was completed by Patrick (bas) and Allan (drums) both where ex- Emerald Tablet members, Allan was and also still is the drummer of Gardin. Through an add from the internet we found Jos, our vocalist. Jos also sings in Tunnelfist and Zahnfleish, groups with a more punkish/wave flavor. After a couple of sessions Allan left the band and was replaced by Remco. Stef and Remco had already played together in Defender, a heavy metal group from the eighties. At that time Remco was also playing in a hardcore/power metal group called MAC-11, but he decided that playing with an old friend and a musically more refined change was welcome so he joined November. Remco is also the owner of Autumn Music Studios, where he's recording other groups and where we currently are recording our first cd. In this line-up November started writing new and rewriting old (Emerald Tablet) material. By the end of 2003 Patrick decided to leave November and was replaced by Roel in the beginning of 2004. Roel had been playing in several metal/ progressive bands and also played in a King Crimson cover band called Thrak. Aside from November Jos, Martijn and Stef also have a project called “Day is Done” (yes, after Nick Drake) in which they play acoustic piano and guitar songs, more in a “chamber-like” atmosphere. Martijn and Stef also played a guest role on the debut album of Gardin, Minor Setbacks, which was released in 2001. So, here you have the history of November in a nutshell. Currently November is recording a full-length double-cd in the line-up as mentioned above.
  The Music: “Autumn Music”
  We call our music “Autumn Music” because we think that this name gives the right feel and mood to the music we play. Our music has the melancholic atmosphere of a month in autumn (guess you figured out why we are called November) with all it’s different moods and colors. From a soft melancholic morning to a dark and stormy night, from colorful and bright to dense and foggy… Guess it’s always kind of difficult to give a description of any kind of music so we’ll tell you about our influences. As you can read in the “history” section our influences come from very different sources. Our musical preferences vary from classical music, to eastern influenced music, to psychedelic sixties and seventies rock, to doom/wave, to jazz, to pure rock and metal but also to just the genuine pop song, and always with that nicely flavored melancholic sauce…
  Inspiration and other influences
  Of course we don’t just get our inspiration through music alone, like any “autumn minded human being” we like to get inspired by the philosophy from the likes of Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Schopenhauer, Alber Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre, etc. Some of us like to read the poetry and literature by authors like Rainer Maria Rilke, Charles Baudelaire, Joris-Karl Huysmans, Thomas Mann, Oscar Wilde, Sylvia Plath, Stephane Mallarme and so on… Every now and then we have to sooth our “autumneyes” by watching paintings from, say Egon Schiele, Fernand Khnopff, Francis Bacon, Felicien Rops, Alphonse Mucha and all those other great artists from the pre-Raphaelite, symbolist, art-nouveau and expressionist movements… And of course there are a lot of other things that interest and inspire us, for example: religion, eastern philosophy, occultism, war-time literature, movies, photography, traveling and yes every now and then some of us even enjoy the sun and like to bake in it… A list like this can sound a bit pompous but for us it’s just a way to share whatever inspires or interests us and it’s also a way of giving you, the reader or listener a better perception of where our music comes from…

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