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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Arttu...guitar / vocals

General info

  - NOIDS is a psychotic hybrid-rock band
    from the western extreme of Southern Finland,
    from the city of Turku.
  - The band was founded in the early year 2000
    as an excuse for consuming various intoxicating agents
    and has released four (4) demos thus far...

Download free music

Chromo5ongs / 01 - Ouroboros n/a Download
Chromo5ongs / 02 - Sisters (from Jersey) n/a Download
Chromo5ongs / 03 - Jelly K n/a Download
Chromo5ongs / 04 - Audio Pixies n/a Download
Chromo5ongs / 05 - Rajah Fuck Up n/a Download

Latest tracks

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