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Members of the band

  Janica Lönn, lead vocals
  Jonas Eriksson, guitar and additional vocals
  Tuukka Nurmi-Aro, keyboards
  Rasmus Karlsson, bass

General info

  Officially formed 10 October 2001, Nocturnal was founded by Michael Paassilta (nowadays ex-drummer) and by Jonas Eriksson. Since that time Nocturnal have gone trough a lot of lineup and other changes. Michael left the group in October 2003. The whole band is from the town of Porvoo in Finland. Their debut CD was a six track demo MCD entitled "Nightfall". "Nightfall" was released in the summer of 2003.

Download free music

Darkest Hour 2.76 MB Download
Lost 1.02 MB Download
Night Falls Fast 1.34 MB Download
Siren's Cry 1.45 MB Download

Latest tracks

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