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Noah Cohn

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dance / techno


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General info

  Noah Cohn's life has been spent playing and recording music. He was born in 1979, and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) came into existence as he turned 4 years old. As a child Noah played with MIDI keyboards as well as pre-pentium-age computers using them to generate music. In high school he had private tutoring for the guitar.
  A pivotal time came for Noah in 1997 when he was introduced by a friend to the software Rebirth 338 from Propellerheads Software in Sweden. He went about collecting thousands of free Rebirth song files as well as module songs to study over. This inspired him to use the Rebirth software himself to make finalized compositions that he could share back to the artist community. After that Noah continued to learn about synthesis of tones and composition on more sophisticated levels.
  In 2004 “Noah Cohn: Go With Love” was released containing various experiments in music production from the previous 7 years. As of 2010, 5 more albums have been released including almost 100 songs.
  Noah Cohn music will always be available for free at

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Claws of the Angel n/a Download
Fields of Silver n/a Download
Fire Diamond n/a Download
Snowflake in the Stars n/a Download

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