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Members of the band

  Tchekomar, 5Finger, Cookie, ZoZo & McShwacks

General info

  We are a reggae band from de french west indies, combining many different styles like Hip-Hop, Ragga & Jazz. We sing in Kreole, French & English fluently, our composer 5finger amazes us every day with his no metric imagination, giving us the vibe we need to make those heads bop...Take a look at the mp3s below, feel free to download our commercial song called "Ganja Girl".

Download free music

Donne Moi d'la Bonne 3.86 MB Download
Ganja Girl 3.89 MB Download
Gilet Pare Balle 4.03 MB Download
Ma putain d'armada 7.22 MB Download

Latest tracks

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