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Members of the band

  mike170- guitar/vocals clay stiles- bass bgv web god marc- trumpet cat- tenor sax dave- bari sax jeff- alto sax adrian- lead guitar

General info

  Jackson170 was formed in a South Jersey basement in the autumn of 1999 by Mike Chini (Lead Vox/Rhythm Guitar) and Clay Stiles (Bass/BGVs) to be a jazz and rocksteady-influenced ska band. However, this vision quickly changed when metal guitarist Adrian Gilbert (Lead Guitar/BGVs) and hip-hop drummer Greg Ransom (Percussion) entered the scene. After picking up a 2-piece horn section, Jackson170 set off to play their first show in the small town of Franklinville, NJ. In the following months, their horn lineup changed several times, but they soon found a permanent 4-piece section in Jeff Blomquist (Alto Sax), Cat Braccaliello (Tenor Sax), Dave Campbell (Bari Sax), and webgod Marc Hummel (Trumpet). They continued to play shows all around the South Jersey area, and in the Spring of 2001 recorded their debut album, Live From the Basement, at AKA Studios, thus bringing their wild blend of ska, punk, emo, melodic hardcore, and metal to the world.

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Jim 2.38 MB Download
Slaughter me stupid 2.98 MB Download

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