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General info

  Arisen from some ashes of Aerozeppelin, Nippercreep is born in March, 2002 in Peyrelevade, Haute-Corrèze. The group then consists of Sylvain on the guitar, Germain to the drum kit and Antoine as the singer. Aurélien joins the band into the bass but quits rather quickly. Stéphane takes its place in October. Has the time, the directory essentially consists of cover versions: Nirvana, Bloodhound Gang, Korn...
  The group composes from 2003. Stéphane leaves them in March, 2004, replaced by Kévin.
  The new line-up, to improve its cohesion, honorable of news covers in concert: Beastie Boys, Dead Kennedys, Sepultura...
  In 2005, a demo is recorded and the group decides then to concentrate only on the compositions. The style is rather punk rock.
  In March, 2006, Nippercreep begins the recording of new pieces by means of Nico of the group Scarcity. The titles evolve towards the punk trash under the influence of Sepultura, Black Flag or the Dead Kennedys. A Split CD with the Finnish punk group The Warblinkers goes out in April, 2007 on Chabane's Records / DPP.
  The next year will appear a split 45 vinyl EP with Subduction, Urophagia, Fecal Bacteria and Mixomatosis on the English label Valley Of Death Records.
  After collaborating on many compilations in recent years, Nippercreep starts preparing their first album. Recording begins in January 2010 for completion in August. The album "Test" was released in October 2010 on the label Chabane's Records.

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Ma méfiance n'a pas peur n/a Download
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Tuning [Club Mix] n/a Download

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