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Thought Process

Thought Process
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Members of the band

  Mobius and Neumatic Impact Join Forces for Thought Process's Debut Album "Constructed Criticism" which is now available for purchase on

Decipher the realm of Thought Process....
  From the woodlands to air-powered aquatics hails Neumatic Impact and Mobius The Shepherd both Rhode Island underworld natives . Coming together to create some stellar production that traces back to the mind laid behind in the Monk days of the late nineteenth century. Future stone-age relics in the fold of evolutionary development
  NEUMATIC IMPACT: The musical world of a medieval monk set to future prophecy developed from the neums of earlier manuscripts written before staff notation.

  More information on Soundclick at
  Mobius the Shepherd ran a parallel track, coming in from the backwoods of hip-hop, Mobius was the younger protege who evolved his talents from being a roady for Mama Dropped Me while in 7th grade. Neumatic let Mobius borrow a synthesizer and 4-track in 1998, in which Mobius released the groundbreaking underground demo "Prehistoric Rhetoric". He went on to release "God So Loved the Third World" album in 2001 and the "Put on your safety Valve" collection in 2003. It was not until 2007 with the release of "Everything I Knew" in which Mobius began picking up traction as a solo artist parallel to the talents of Neumatic. He released his official solo album "Anamorphism" in 2009.

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