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Members of the band

  Slobodan Stosic-songwritting,production,guitars
  Oliver Bozovic-bass
  Djordje Vujicic-drums
  Zarko Bovan-keyboard
  Marko Capljic-vokal

General info

  Nightfall started as a project of Slobodan Stosic, artist from Belgrade (Serbia). Soon other members jonided. Nightfall music is modern melodic progressive metal. Lyrics are on mothertoungue- serbian langueage, inspired by things like: passing of time, love, music, loneliness…On the year 2005. band published demo "Svi odlaze..." with six songs. Full lenght album is in final phase of preparation.
  Intro with vivid melody '' Fantazma''- awakening memories from childhood...Very short, but authentic.This song is based on a theme of another Nightfall song wich is not on this demo.
  ''Drukcije Nije Moglo Da Se Desi'' is the oldest song, but here is with new production. It has everything that is needed for hit. Listeners said that is the song with most potential.
  Beyond doubt, '' U Svemu'' i most representative song on this edition. After only few listen you can't stop whistleing the chorus. It is about relations between people- detachment among them...With balad and power elements, classical guitar solo, song is maybe best moment on demo.
  ''Mozda Bas Sada'' – short but effective, has also melodic and recognizible chorus. Passion that is present on every beginning is theme of this one. Great song wor live performance.
  Sorrow, loneliness, dark...what else to say- ballad ''Gde se vracam uvek'' .
  It is not modest to say, but instumental ''Svi odlaze..'' is real master piece of progressive metal. Overlaping, insane melodies fitting in one song. Every new measuse takes us further into imagine world. Outro melody goes beyond boundries- into some other places and time...

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Drukcije nije moglo da se desi n/a Download
Fantazma n/a Download
Gde se vracam uvek n/a Download
Mozda bas sada n/a Download
Svi odlaze... n/a Download
U svemu n/a Download

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