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NEW Samurai Sorcerers

NEW Samurai Sorcerers
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Members of the band

  Samurai Sorcerers REVISED Band:
  Patrick Lew - Computer Instruments (Studio), Guitar, Keyboards (Studio), Vocals
  Zack Huang - Keyboards (Studio & Live)
  David Arceo - Drums
  Augusto Hernandez - Bass

General info

  Samurai Sorcerers is NOW a musical group led by musician Patrick Lew and his "music making" program on a computer. While the one-man band has played a handful of unplugged shows live, most of New Samurai Sorcerers' MUSICAL activities are contributed in a home studio, rather than doing gigs onstage.
  History of NEW Samurai Sorcerers {Band} -From "Blizzard" to "Revenge"
  February 13, 2005:
  At a local music store, Patrick and Eddie of their old band Samurai Sorcerers Band, stop by to endorse musical instruments and computer software to their resume and to play music for a new album. Eddie left Guitar Center early to work on the music for the NEW Samurai Sorcerers album, taking the various instruments with him to the store.
  Around 6:35PM, the Samurai Sorcerers Band play music for a gig at a community college in the SF Bay. This gig was for a "Chinese New Year" festival and was the final concert for the band's "Psychotic Love" tour to play music for the public. The gig was a mess, as the audience didn't appreciate the music the Samurai Sorcerers Band was playing at the community college. 15 minutes into the concert, the musicians in the band decided to pull the plug on playing music at the Chinese New Year festival at the college. In an interesting side-note, Patrick met his then-Japanese girlfriend Yoshiko Kuwamoto during this musical performance at the Diego Rivera Theater at CCSF.
  Ultimately, this was the last live concert the Samurai Sorcerers would do music in front of an audience as a band.
  Each of the musicians in the Samurai Sorcerers Band's ever-changing roster of local musicians decided to work on solo projects in their musical activities.
  May 10-14, 2005:
  The Samurai Sorcerers headed to Eddie's recording studio (called "The GarageBand Shop") to play music for a jam session. They intended to work on songs for a third Samurai Sorcerers Band album and try to get their demo played on internet music webpages and rock radio stations. Eddie handed a copy of a CD which contained the music for "Blizzard of Sound," a collection of instrumental rock music the musicians made together at GarageBand Shop back in October 2004. Patrick was also on the computers updating the Samurai Sorcerers' personal webpages and music profiles on the internet. They were playing music to work on music for the follow-up to "Blizzard."
  On Shawn's 17th birthday on May 14, the musicians in the band got into The GarageBand Shop to work on songs for the new album. This resulted in the band using computer programs to make songs with. Only two songs came from this studio recording session, "Ride the Dragon" and "Battle Royale." This would however, be the last time the Samurai Sorcerers Band would play music together as a band.
  Patrick's community college friend Zack Huang, joined the band officially on MIDI keyboards.
  May-June 2005:
  Eddie and Shawn of Samurai Sorcerers added a new band to their musical resume, Logic's Enemy. They began playing music for gigs across the SF Bay.
  It was around this time, Eddie and Patrick's musical partnership would be estranged. Up until a year later. They have since became friends again.
  August 10, 2005?:
  The OLD Samurai Sorcerers break up! This was reported on the band's personal webpages and music profiles on the internet and through their fan club newsletter. Eddie and Shawn left the band to work on Logic's Enemy as their main band.
  Patrick then revised the Samurai Sorcerers Band as a musical project of a one-man band. Meaning he plays all the music using the various musical instruments he endorsed from Guitar Center and using the computer programs he purchased at a Best Buy or some other electronics store.
  At some point, Patrick placed a "band wanted" ad on (a famous newspaper ad webpage) and found a guitarist named Mark Hawkins, whom came to Patrick's music studio/workshop at his house on 2 occasions to jam on some music. Mark would for a short time, replace Eddie on guitar...But after 2 jam sessions at Patrick's studio he calls "School of Audio Rage," Mark dissapeared from the Samurai Sorcerers Band. So Patrick decided to do Samurai Sorcerers as his own one-man band.
  October-November 2005:
  Patrick and his version of Samurai Sorcerers then headed to Hong Kong, China, in a CD & music promotion tour for the band. He mostly visits his family and often is seen at the Mong Kok district's shopping mall or local music + record stores playing guitar or buying CDs. This music & CD promotion tour included Patrick handing out several flyers and his demo tapes to various people at the Mong Kok or Tsim Sha Tsui districts and at music stores.
  November 15, 2005:
  On Patrick Lew's 20th birthday, the Samurai Sorcerers play music at a private party held in a local Hong Kong restaurant & club.
  December 2005 - September 23, 2006:
  Recording sessions begin for work on Samurai Sorcerers follow-up to "Blizzard of Sound," this time without any of the musicians he worked with from the music club at SFUSD public high school Wallenberg High. The lineup for the revised version of the Samurai Sorcerers Band is Patrick "Audio" Lew (all instruments) and Zack Huang (keyboards). Endless jam sessions and playing music at the School of Audio Rage for band practice led to the "making" of a few new songs.
  Zack and Patrick drop by various computer stores to get good musical and recording equipment for the studio. Patrick often would record his songs at the School of Audio Rage (i.e. home studio) or using a laptop and various computer software at Zack's apartment which Patrick brought his guitar along with him.
  During this time, several of Samurai Sorcerers' new music began showing up on their personal webpages and music profiles on or Patrick even subscribed and ordered a P-membership for his music webpage + profile on PureVolume just to showcase a bit more of his new songs from the Samurai Sorcerers Band's upcoming album. He also put the whole demo version of the new Samurai Sorcerers' CD on the band's website for free MP3 file download. Sending various press release documents and news articles to indie music resources via internet.
  Whenever Patrick didn't had to attend community college, he was busy working on Samurai Sorcerers Band's follow-up album "Revenge." He recorded most of his electric guitar onto the computer program using $3 cheap computer microphone he picked up from an electronics store. The effects he used on his guitar were mostly digital, meaning he fixed up his guitar parts electronically on a "music making" computer application he was using at his studio. The more sophisticated "sounding" instruments were built off of Zack's MIDI keyboards and a bunch of loops from a couple FREE CDs that came with music magazines Patrick bought at the liquor store. Zack programmed many of the electronic instruments for the music, Patrick laid down guitar parts and sometimes multi-layered each song with various musical instruments.
  Although Patrick only used a Marshall guitar practice amp to record his electric guitar instrument for the songs...He digitally fixed up the recorded guitar parts through digital music software.
  Patrick briefly played music in a band called Band of Asians, with some community college friends, in early 2006. Playing music for gigs across their community college and etc.
  Sessions for the "Revenge" album ended on July 29, 2006. Patrick and Zack planned to work on more music for the Samurai Sorcerers Band's new album, but considering much of the music they made at School of Audio Rage sounded good as it already was. There are a couple of unfinished songs and music that when Patrick went to Walgreens to get the $2 Maxwell CD-R pack, he used those songs and stored them onto those CDs...But didn't considered putting them on his music webpage or nothing else. By now, they had 18-20 finished songs.
  So the Samurai Sorcerers Band decided to put the music out. On their personal webpage + music profile where the CD might later be sold...Expect the album "Revenge" to be released by Patrick's 21st birthday...November 15, 2006!
  May 8, 2006:
  NEW Samurai Sorcerers SIDE PROJECT/JAM BAND...The Band of Asians, featuring Asian musicians Patrick Lew met at Skyline Community College Augusto Hernandez (bass) and David Arceo (drums) play a live music event (gig) at Patrick Lew's former music school Vibo Music Center for a FREE concert. This was also recorded for a concert album, published on Band of Asians MySpace Music profile & website and other music profiles.
  November 3, 2006:
  "Revenge," the long-awaited album of original music from the Samurai Sorcerers since mid 2005's "Blizzard of Sound" is finally sold at record stores on the Internet at!

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