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Paul Ma$$on

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Members of the band

  Paul Ma$$on, MidEast Kingsnake V.N.O.M,Black Widow,Ramel, and Danger

General info

  Paul Pickett otherwise known as Paul Ma$$on was born on April 9th,1979 at Cape fear Valley Hospital in Fayetteville ,North Carolina .Due to a trouble marriage between Parents Dianne Creswell and Milford Pickett his Father who wasn't there to see his son born.By age five he had lost his father whom he had never seen due to suicide .All he had left was his mother who worked two jobs to provide and pay for there one bedroom apartment they lived .His mother later got remarried to William Sirine .Since his stepfather was in the army and stationed overseas Paul then moved to Panama for four years where he first was introduced to hip hop at age eight when he seen a video by L.L. Cool J .After four years he moved back to North Carolina where he bought his first album Heavy D and the Boyz "Big Tyme" , It wouldn't be until 9th grade when Paul learned his calling and Passion For Hip Hop Music .He grew fond of Rappers like Rakim ,Krs-one ,Big Daddy Kane ,Kool G Rap ,Lord Finnesse ,Diamond D ,EPMD ,Gangstarr ,Slick Rick and many more .After 24 years of pain and a trouble childhood he has one indendent album under his belt and is now known as a hungry and determined artist who goes by the name of Paul Ma$$on and his now looking to take the rap game and 2004 by storm.

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