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Never The Sunshine

Never The Sunshine
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Members of the band

  Wes - Guitars
  Matt - Drums, cymbals, vox
  Freddy - Bass
  Natalie - keyboards

General info

  Influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Cream, NEVER THE SUNSHINE is a four-piece band comprised of a unique combination of musicians creating a style of music all its own, a style which the band calls SONIC DOOM. For over a decade the band has been comprised of songwriters Wes (guitars) and Matt (vox/percussion) and rounded out by Freddy (bass) and Natalie (keyboards). In an era of what has become stale and repetitive hard rock, NEVER THE SUNSHINE recognizes that audiences crave music that has the energy and force of today's hard rock, coupled with the musicianship of yesterday's classic rock. This is the void NEVER THE SUNSHINE fills. To see the band live is an adventure. No time is wasted on idle stage banter. NEVER THE SUNSHINE takes the stage to do one thing; to vaporize you with sound! The music is forceful and brash/elegant and beautiful all at the same time. It is pure SONIC DOOM.

Download free music

01 - Superstar n/a Download
02 - Drag the Water n/a Download
03 - Dirt n/a Download
04 - Show Me How n/a Download
05 - Follow The Circle Down n/a Download
06 - Harder (Live) n/a Download
07 - Above (Live) n/a Download

Latest tracks

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