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Nikolaus von Knorring

Nikolaus von Knorring
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Members of the band

  Nikolaus von Knorring (singer/songwriter)

General info

  The Boiler Man record has the songwriting style of a rock song played on acoustic/electric guitars and with smother vocals than you'd expect from this genre. Another element of the sound is the mixture of keyboards recognizable from electronic music. The participation of musicians active in both the rock and electronic genre made this record possible.
  Special thanks goes to: Jesper Eriksson for music/lyrics and instrumental recording of "Stars". Jerry(slaptap) bass guitar on "Ask Me". Micke(Twilight Zound) keyboards on "Ask Me". Henrik Trollvad bass guitar on Boiler Man. Anneli Rydahl lyrics to "Boiler Man" and choirs arranged and sung on the record.
  Biography Nikolaus von Knorring
  I'm a fan of rock music and after been playing in different bands I decided to release my own Foreign World in 2004. During this time I had also started to do music with my girlfriend Anneli Rydahl. This collaboration ended up in the beautiful album Waterlilies.
  In Mars 2005 I and Anneli got the opportunity to take part in an Indian film award function for the tv-chanel Asianet. We performed with two songs live and the show was telecasted in 60 countries around the world.
  August 2005 the song Ask Me became available as a preview for an upcoming project of recordings. Later known as the Boiler Man EP released April 6, 2006.

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