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Neil Alien

Neil Alien
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Jarkko Tiusanen-Vocals, guitars
  Pirita Söderholm-Vocals, saxophone
  Jaakko Toivonen-Keyboards
  Konsta Erola-Keyboards
  Henri Björklid-Bass
  Tomas Vuori-Drums

General info

  Neil Alien saw the light of day in 2002, as a singer/songwriter solo project. The founding member Jarkko Tiusanen gave birth to his dear alter-ego. His songwriting actually began years before, but until then they had only been solitary pieces of a silent mind. The inspiration to record an album came around the year 2000, when Tiusanen teamed with Mr. Ben Akusto. They founded Studio Confuture in Turku (Finland), which even today remains a working base for Neil Alien and several other bands and projects.
  The first album, For the One, was recorded and released in 2004. It was a peaceful and melancholic album for the darkening nights of autumn. The entire record was based on acoustic guitars and vocals. There was, however, a need for some deeper atmospheres, so Jaakko Toivonen came to add some keyboards and organs into the whole. Also, the vocal parts needed more colour, so Pirita Söderholm came to add her parts. The trio worked out so well, that they decided to search for another guitarist and go play live. Konsta Erola was found through the internet, and soon it became clear that he was actually more talented behind the keyboards. This group played a handful of live shows in autumn 2004.
  New material began to evolve in the beginning of 2005. The songs were more aggressive, compared to the first album, so it wasn’t long until Neil Alien was recruiting a bassist and a drummer to enhance the line-up. The also began to utilize Pirita Söderholm’s saxophone, in addition to her vocal skills. After a brief search the drummer’s seat was filled by Mr. Tomas Vuori, and the four-stringed beast grabbed Mr. Henri Björklid in his claws. Henri also remains the guitarist/singer in the metal band Endrive.
  Neil Alien’s music has clearly found its current direction. Melancholy and manic-depressive elements still guide both the lyrics and the soundscapes, but the compositions reflect a dark progressive goth-rock combined with a psychedelic levitating aspect.

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