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Members of the band

   Band Members
  Ox A.K.A. Da Omen, B.K.A. Da Golden Ox..... Young kool A.K.A. Da Human Torch B.K.A. Primetime.. D. Fresh A.K.A Ya broad want me to fukk.... Young Piff A.K.A Dale B. Piffy B.K.A. D. Capone...
  A. K. Spittin.. B.K.A. Special K Lil B... A.K.A Ninnie B. Hustle B.K.A

General info

  All brothers....all slim....all spittas....broads luv us.
   Jadakiss, D-Block, Joshua Moore, Ox, T.I., loaded lux, papoose, clipse, of course twista eminem an bone(im from da midwest)...hell rell, jim jones, juelz, JR Writer, jigga man, big L, grafh, weezy, B.I.G.(RIP) an da greatest of all TIME 2pac....(RIP)

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Can`t Fall n/a Download
Fresh n Kool n/a Download
Hate Harder n/a Download
No Passing Out n/a Download
Peacemaker n/a Download
Say When n/a Download

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