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Nar Mataru

Nar Mataru
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Members of the band

  Skot 'The Tank' Betke - 6 String Strangler, human Beer Keg
  Jared 'Gattling Gun' McCleve - Skin Battery, Caffeine, Flying Squirrels

General info

  All tracks are rough cuts of rhythm guitar, and drums until:
  A) We fill out the rest of the line-up
  B) I get off my fat, lazy, ass and do some multi-tracking

Download free music

10 Days In Tartarus n/a Download
I Smell Annihilation (newer track) n/a Download
Journey Into Emptiness n/a Download
Nar Mataru n/a Download
Rectum Devastation (really rough, shitty version) n/a Download
Sheild Of Lies n/a Download
Vornskyre n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks