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Nanosphere Complex

Nanosphere Complex
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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Ben D

General info

  Nanosphere Complex play innovative electronic music drawing influences from ambient, trip hop, trance, industrial and psychedelic music.
  "The Dark" is grunge techno with a leaning towards drum and bass.
  "The Moon's a Racoon" and "Do Dolphins Dream of Electric Eeels" are short ambient synth pieces.
  "Crushed" is abrasive rhythmic noise to scrub your brain clean.
  "Crushed and Broken" is the remix of crushed. Influenced by German minimalist rock, Italian horror movie soundtracks and Tibetan Buddhist chanting.

Download free music

Crushed 1.01 MB Download
Crushed and Broken 2.52 MB Download
Do Dolphins Dream of Electric Eels? 2.11 MB Download
Human Beings Piss Me Off 2.67 MB Download
The Dark 1.30 MB Download
The Moon's a Racoon 0.56 MB Download

Latest tracks

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