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Coma of Loss

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Members of the band

  Harri - Vocals
  Tomi - Guitars
  Aarni - Guitars
  Juho - Bass
  Mika - Drums

General info

  Coma of Loss is a strangely rhythmic, yet melodic metal band from Finland. Maybe you could describe us with names like Tool, Meshuggah and Strapping Young Lad with a touch of Emperor and the Haunted.
  Why this name?
  "Philip H Anselmo; On Behalf of Darrell Lance Abbott"
  I?ve been stumbling around in a coma of loss. No truer lyric has been written than ?You don?t know what you?ve got, ?til it?s gone.? To explain my side of things with the hiatus of Pantera, please give me a moment and think about what I say. Think.
  Band History:
  Everything started when the founder of the band, Tomi (guitars) started a one-man project under the name "Naked" in 1999. In 2000 he joined forses with Harri (voc) and started searching for a drummer and a bassist. In January 2001 we found a great drummer Mats Lindeqvist. Sadly he had to leave the band after a year of playing because of did get a job from Helsinki and had to move away from Tampere. After that things were quiet until the end of 2003, when we finally found a drummer (Mika) that had the skills to play our twisted metal mayhem. Soon after that we found ourselves a bass player, Jussi Pohjanniemi.
  Edit: 12.12.2006
  Jussi has left the band due to finding a job and moving out of Tampere. Since then, we have found ourselves a new lead guitarist and a new bass player. We're currently in the process of mixing and mastering our 2nd demo.
  Edit: 9.11.2007
  Ilkka (guitars) and Henkka (bass) left the band due to musical taste differences.
  Your influences?
  Slayer meets Meshuggah with dark melodies entwined with a pseudo-filosofical lyrical consept. Just plain crushing with some trashy elements. Jazzy nightclub scenes covered in velvet. And all of the above.
  Favorite spot?
  Prague, Bangkok, Shanghai, Amsterdam etc...
  Anything else...?
  "If you want to 1000-fold your popularity, look for zeros!" Friedrich Nietzsche

Download free music

Her Great Destiny (6505) n/a Download
In the Last Light of the Sun (VH4 L/Cobra R) n/a Download
The Soundtrack (Cobra) n/a Download

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