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Nadir Eclipse

Nadir Eclipse
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Members of the band

  Vorn- Vox, Guitar, Bass, Keys/Synths, Drum programming, Flying squirrels, and Milk-Steaks.
  All music and lyrics by Vorn

General info

  NADIR ECLIPSE is the sole creation and aural abomination of one Lord Vornskyre (or Vorn, for short), and all music is written, recorded, raped, mixed, and mastered at his own Vornwulf Studio located somewhere in the (sometimes) frigid Northeast region of the United States Of Vinland.
  Nadir Eclipse is a unique (often poorly executed) melange of death, black, doom, and gothic metal, drawing influences from many bands too myriad to even bother trying to list.
  For those who might actually care, the demo EP, "The Immaculate Abortion" is available for sale, and the full-length album "Frozen In A twilight Hell" will be unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace real soon. So feel free to contact the guilty party for your copy!
  It is recommended that when listening, you turn it up loud, so your neighbors will realize your sorry taste in music.
  Vorn assumes no responsibility for illness, hearing loss, super-diarrhea, and miscarriages incurred whilst listening. You've been duly warned!

Download free music

Deadzone (dedicated to Peter Steele) -demo ver.- n/a Download
Forlorn Hopes & Forsaken Dreams n/a Download
Ghost Of A Dying Soul n/a Download
Hollow Man (first half of the song...mix test) n/a Download
Sentenced To Live n/a Download
Soul Consumed Genocide n/a Download

Latest tracks

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