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dance / techno


Members of the band

  dj Mystik
  aka Samuel Bäckström

General info

  Pretty dark DrumīnīBass.I got my own way of producing and my own style.Hear 4 yoself!
  *Donīt mix me with the other dj mystik who plays trance-remixes of classic songs etc. It seems to be bad rep 4 both of us, and Iīd rather not be compared to him/her.I donīt have ANYTHING to do with this other dj, and if same songnames occur, they are just coincidences.Hope this clearifices some mistakes that have occured.Ez!*

Download free music

arachnoid 6.30 MB Download
Booby Trap 5.21 MB Download
c=64 7.15 MB Download
feel 5.86 MB Download
Time 4.92 MB Download
vortex 6.64 MB Download

Latest tracks

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