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M.Y. L.A.S.T. N.A.M.E.

M.Y. L.A.S.T. N.A.M.E.
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Members of the band

  Yannick, Vocal
  Eric, Guitar
  Stephane, Bass
  Jocelyn, Drums

General info

  The band started in 1997. M.Y. L.A.S.T. N.A.M.E. decided to use the best of each styles to create a new kind of rock music wich is a mix of:rock , alternative , metal ,funk and electronic. This new styles of music gives a strong and energic sound; a style wich gives the musicians a great liberty to use their instruments to the utmost. A rhythm in 7/8, samples of alien sounds, powerfull solo of electric guitar, heavy bass riffs. Come listen to M.Y. L.A.S.T. N.A.M.E. and you won't regret !!!!

Download free music

Girl 2.51 MB Download
Little fish 3.04 MB Download
May I Love You My Love 3.93 MB Download
N.A.S.A. 3.89 MB Download

Latest tracks

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