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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  McKeenan - Guitar, Vocals
  Mike Tarino - Bass
  Jesse - Drums

General info

  MyFare is a three piece rock band from Hämeenlinna, Finland which was founded in the mists of autumn 2008. McKeenan, Tarino and Jesse have been playing together since 2000 and the dream still lives in their minds.... Wich is to play rock music with big heart on big stages. All members have played in different line ups through the years but they all have realized that their way is gonna be playing together, just the three of them. The band hit the studio early december (02-03.12.2008) to record a 2 song demo. The demo was recorded at the Matrixtor studio by Lauri Malin. After that we went back to the training place to write more songs and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. The first demo was ready so it was time to play some live shows. This time it was just the three of them and it was clear that this is the way it has to be! MyFare proved to the citizens that they can play with great attitude in the studio and also live! So it was time for studio again in 27.06. - 03.07.2009 to nail down 3 new tunes. The sessions went along smooth and the outcome will soon be all time classics. The demo was again recorded in matrixtor music studios in Hämeenlinna by the phenomenal Lauri Malin handling the duties of recording and mixing. You now have the new new demo in your hands so it's time to cut the crap and let You go and enjoy the music and we'll let the music do the talkin' Hope You enjoy it as much as we did enjoy makin' it. MyFare is here to stay! To be continued with a vengeance! Cheers! MyFare

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