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my BroTher

my BroTher
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Members of the band

  Graham Elvis: Bass,Vox,Guitar
  Marc Clayton: Guitar,Vox,Bass
  Justin Lee:Drummer,Vox,Cowbell

General info

  My Brother is one of the most exciting new bands to POP out of the Rock and Roll genre. Quickly gaining a following of Mods, Hippies, Rockers, College Crowds, Alternative, Glam, etc., etc. My Brother has been wowing the musical masses with their simple message of…"NOW"! Meaning, "That’s right NOW!, You’ve heard us and we are here to save you NOW"! Their infectious grooves and unmistakable harmonies supported by a solid backbeat lays down the foundation for some of the most energetic Rock and Roll ever heard. This small sample of their magic is just a taste of what this band is capable of. So play these songs for your family and friends, and remember to turn it up and "Shake It" for MY BROTHER…NOW!

Download free music

Just Her Creep 3.59 MB Download
Olivia 3.56 MB Download
Pride Before the Fall 3.05 MB Download
What Ever Happened To Rachel ? 2.07 MB Download

Latest tracks

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