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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Alessandro Alviti (guitar & vocal);
  Manuelo Leonoro (drums);
  Maurizio Alviti(keyboards);
  Sandro Viani (bass).

General info

  September 1st 1995, Norma (small hilly village, province of Latina): Alessandro Alviti, his father Maurizio and the mythical Sandro Viani walked quietly for that suburb. They were discussing on the possibility of create a band that mixes two different generations (that of the 40th and that of the 20th). It bears as the idea of found a very particular band, without pretensions, without envies and typical jealousies of the Music planet. Since they were all guitarists, one should have played the bass, and that decision (taking without fear) falls on Sandro (blessed the day that he decided to take for the first time a bass in his hand!) Then, they must choose a name that should have represented the band:here, like a lightning, a name and, with him, the idea that would have opened the road to ours first concept-album: Mururoa! Think about our name:really, it was not an excessive mental effort. Other groups spend whole nights to invent a cool name, "Mururoa" isn't the coolest name, surely, however it's spontaneous, and, above all, it mirror our music faithfully. In those days the French were doing the "artificial fires" on the homonym atoll:certainly, we aren't environmental extremists, only musician, but we decided to call us quite as. Accordingly, began to bear the first passages devoted to the nuclear: quality of that songs was so much particular and special, so we understood immediately that it was something more solid of a soldier and insipid musical experiment. Manuelo Leonoro arrives, and quietly sits down on the throne of his drums, then he listen to the first two pieces that we had written up to that moment without the aid of no percussion and... The play is made!
  1996 Shortly time, arrives passages like Hiroshima (duration over 23 minutes, 4 parts divided) in the sign of progressive that was. "Dentro lo specchio" and "Mururoa": in the sign of harder Rock. Also ballads like "Semipalatinsk" and "Chernobyl". During that Summer, here ours first concerts, but also the first disappointments: ours is a musical kind little beloved in Italy, and, in our village (like in the rest of that province), we have greeted like aliens. That despite, we receive praises and consents from any lovers of this kind and precious counsels that helps us for the future. We arrive at the end of the year with over 10 unpublished passages and an album ready to be recorded. So, we take decision to enter into a recording study for the first time in our career! A satisfaction that we wanted to take away from the whole life! On December 27th , 28th and 30th 1996, in the recording study of Francesco Bruno in Lavinio (Rome), we record ours first album: Mururoa! (justly). 1997 This year begin with big satisfaction that there we were hardly taken away to record something of ours. We go for first thing enroling us to the SIAE for safeguard our rights (prudence is not ever too much!). 1997 is decidedly our year: 1)we obtain an excellent result on sale of ours demo tapes (we haven't any possibility to record on CD, also for the elevated costs); over 250 copies sold to friends and cognizant. We also send quite a lot copies to italian record house, but (obvious) we don't get any answer. 2)if record houses snobs us, doesn't snob us Ennio Morricone that after listened to our demo, he calls Maurizio on his phone and there gives precious counsels on quality of our songs, and he spurs us to search new sounds. 3) Maurizio, on March, is protagonist of a long interview for one whole night,guest of Luciana Lanzarotti in "La Notte dei Misteri" on Rai Radio 1. We receive compliments also from Australia, but nothing more. Thing that leaves us more interdicted is interest than these personages that they would have been able quietly snob us like all record houses, but they haven't done it. Then we wonder if musical producers exist indeed, or if it's only a farce to keep us all good (gullible people that still play "alternative"music). On Summer we organize, a stonesthrow from our native village, a concert dedicated to the children of Chernobyl, each year entertained in Italy for any families. Children remain spellbound listening us, while adults they don't know making other that breaking our testicles with them requests of fools popular dances. You can't understand satisfaction when Alessandro sings in Russian any words of Semipalatinsk. (at least anybody has listened to us!) On September we beat our record of live duration :3 hours and half of music and improvisation in a small local out Latin. (we greet the two mythical flying Dutchmen that at the end of the concert, and after dozens of beers that they haven't done it either hot or cold, they have been able to ask us, a little bit saddened, if we had truly finished!). The 2nd Concept: PLANETS! On March we decide to go forward in the musical production, so we decide to write a second concept-album, devoted this time to the Planets of the solar system (exception for Earth) and adding Sun and Moon. And just Sun and Moon are the first passages that we write, together with Saturn. But something was missing. We need to do a jump of decisive quality: so Maurizio acquires his first keyboard for give better melodic support to the band: a Roland synth D50 (an old conception used keyboard, but ideal to start to test). A new era starts for us! 1998 The hardest year of all our breve history. Very few trials and concerts at our disposition, that's for Manuelo's military service: he's missing for many months. But we write other passages for the Planets plan: songs like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, but also unpublished passages out of this concept kind like When and Why. On these passages more absolute novelty is text, write in English language. Alessandro becomes the new singer instead of Maurizio. Now, we see music in two different ways: an old style, represented from the 1 concept album, sung in Italian language by Maurizio; a new concept on the planets, sung in English language by Alessandro with keyboard's support, that it consents us to create new atmospheres. Our technique of improvisation touched technical and melodic finishes, that we never had reached in precedence. We realize improvisations as real independent passages, and we leave them such. Official beginning of this one our new way to conceive music has got a date:May 14th ; when Mauro Viani (Sandro's brother, bassista too) it proposes us an its one bass riff, and we immediately create an exceptional atmosphere. This year is ending with very few satisfactions and even less trials, but, although everything we are still in saddle. 1999
  We are are ready for anything: New passages for the Planets concept; we improve more and more our technical side and we realize other excellent improvisations. But this year too the military service creates problems:this time Alessandro is engaged for 10 months in civil service to Rome. On March, Alessandro acquires an excellent PC with cd-writer, and it will help us for our cd production. Finally here the true CD of our first one ALBUM, and we restart to sell any copies. During Summer we return at last on the stage for a few small manifestations and various parties. On September, Alessndro does an excellent job with his PC creating two compact discs: the first CD contains 30 Mururoa riff never used for layout of passages, in need to preserve them, in case the ideas must begin to be scarce. But time at our disposition is always very little, and they remain practically all incomplete passages: a true pity. The second cd is "IMPROVISATIONS' and contains 8 splendid improvisations that we perform in our garage and recorded between 1998 and this year. With a few musical software, Alessandro clean all tracks and makes it clearer. October: our turning point. Tired of their very obsolete instrumentation, Maurizio and Manuelo decide to do some excellent purchases. Maurizio acquires a fabulous Korg's Workstation: the Trinity! Manuelo gets a spectacular Tama Starclassic Perfomer, with one splendid set of Cymbals Zildjan A. series. Now, Mururoa's sound could be considered professional!
  New Year's Day: we spend three hours doing a long improvisation. We celebrate advent of this year, however it won't be positive: many financial problems for us, Alessandro, jobless and down-and-ou,t isn't able to better his obsolete instrumentation. Maurizio and Manuelo through a stormy period. But, also because of all these problems, our group grows stronger, and we improve our technique and our style. Frequent and complex improvisations, (any with duration more than a hour!) take us to put end words to ours concept Planets: they convince us to prepare for return in recording study to try again with record houses of the whole world! On March, Alessandro creates MURUROA 2000 with only 3 very long improvisations, that he subdivides in 6 separated traces for duration of over a hour. It's our second improvisations cd and we are very proud of it! On September 1st we celebrate ours fifth birthday at home. Wishes! So, on October we go to record a demo cd that contains 5 passages of the concept. Unwillingly we must exclude any passages, but to do a good work with few money and even less time we have to do drastic choices. Definitive choice falls on: Sole, Mercurio, Venere, Luna e Urano. We practice about two months on these passages, trying with the "click" (we never had done before) and improving each individual detail. We had agreed again with the recording study where we had affected the first demo. It was for December 8th - 9th - 10th (around some festive days). But here inevitable adversity : unexpectedly we are forced to record 2 weeks in advance. So, we can't try any passages and therefore our sleep is rather disturbed. We needed other time for better click mechanisms. You will understand that, we proof only on Saturday afternoon, and, in one year, we are not able to play more than 40 times: so, two weeks mean all! However, we go for record on November 25th, Saturday. We had taken a date with Sandro, cause he didn't remember the location of the study. Time passes however inexorable, and after a little bit of time we understand that there isn't any more anything to do. Sandro's car has collided with another car: it's destroyed, but Sandro is saved without a scratch, fortunately. Needless to say that we return home without hopes. We stretch a compassionate veil. And this damned 2000 is closed with a deep sadness. Accursed adversity!
  2001 On 3rd Jennaury we pubblished this site in HTML version, at the same time we sent some of our old mp3 to Vitaminic. On March we recorded the new album in deno version(only 5 songs of 10) in Norma. Sandro Cantarelli(we salute you! For great and professional work, and for your infinite patience) recorded and mixed our cd in his hardware studio recording(For info:039-773-354507). We finished all on April, and save our rigths at the SIAE. In only 3 weeks we sold over 120 copies of our cd.
  Now, we send all around the world our songs to find a indie label that believe in us.

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