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M Scott Horn

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Members of the band

  Scott Horn

General info

  "Blues Matters", U.K.
  Finger-style guitar is order of the day on this offering from
  singer songwriter, M Scott Horn. A mixture of original
  songs and covers embracing the blues, country and folk
  music. The majority of the album is a solo effort, with
  Scott only being accompanied on 2 tracks by Keys Player,
  Jim Ballard. Scott’s early music influences, Robert
  Johnson and Robert Pete Williams have their songs ‘32-
  20 Blues’ and ‘Levee Camp Blues’ featured here, and are
  excellent renditions. However, his tastes are varied, and
  brought up to date with a powerful cover of Dylan’s
  ‘She Belongs To Me’. A very fine album.
  -Steve Nicholson.
  "Blues Matters", U.K.

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32-20 Blues n/a Download
And I Don't Know Why n/a Download
Don't Let the Sunshine Fool Ya n/a Download
Levee Camp Blues n/a Download
She Belongs to Me n/a Download
Someday n/a Download

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