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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  M. Snook - Vocal
  Ryan Buckley - Bass
  Hiroshi Sembon - Percussion
  Masa Sasaki - Guitar
  Katy Cone - Guitar

General info

  Formed December of 2004, Motherseat is quickly making waves in the Boston Rock scene. Songwriter Matt Snook has teamed up with Berklee students Katy Cone (guitar) and Hiroshi Sembon (drums), Berklee grad Masa Sasaki (lead guitar), and veteran bassist Ryan Buckley. Together they create original music that is full of edgy riffs, poetic lyrics, haunting melodies, and blistering guitar solos. Motherseat's five members are all dedicated and professional musicians; their music is their day job, their night job, and their passion.

Download free music

Enemy n/a Download
Mile Away n/a Download
Roses n/a Download
Silver Lining n/a Download
The Fix n/a Download
Twist of Fate n/a Download

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