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Members of the band

  Gramie Dee - Guitars/vocals
  Brett Avok - Drums/vocals
  Dark Mark - Bass/keyboards

General info

  Morgueazm do not stay within just one genre, they do not get trapped within just one style. Morgueazm are diverse. The only things you can be assured of are that Morgueazm will terrify you with their visions of horror, they will entrap you with their addictive sound, they will leave you smiling at their macabre humour, they will seduce you in to wanting more.
  Morgueazm was formed mid 2001 by ex-Blood Money members Gramie Dee and Brett Avok. Blood Money, a fairly successful UK underground thrash metal band between 1985 and 1987 released two albums on the Ebony label, 'Red Raw and Bleeding' and 'Battlescarred'. Morgueazm draws upon it's influences of thrash metal, but also injects elements of death and techno to give a fresh and different sound. Dark Mark completes the line up on bass and keyboards.

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Chainswhore n/a Download
Heavycore n/a Download
I Lick Your Meat n/a Download

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