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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Sebastian Bäcksbacka, lead vocals, rythm guitar and acoustic guitar
  Anders Salin, drums
  Patrick Öström, lead guitar
  Måns Aldén, Bass
  Tapio Laasonen, acoustic guitar, backing vocals

General info

  Sebastian's voice is some kind of mix between Ian Anderson's and Michael Stipe's.
  Patrick's guitarwork sometimes bursts into Slash-like sounds and sometimes the totally weird.
  Måns' tight and interesting basswork has a tendency to bounce into some disco grooves of the seventies.
  Anders' drumming is progressive, rock'n'roll, reaggae or afro depending on song and situation. Sometimes a mix of the above.
  Tapio sounds like he is David Bowie's brother.
  All these ingredients mixed together makes the unique sound that is MoonfreaK!

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Blood Sweat And Fears n/a Download
The Lobster Song n/a Download

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