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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Scott Johnston Lead Vocals
  Dana Walsh Lead Guitar
  Todd T Riley Rythm Guitar
  Jason Wilson Bass Guitar
  James Coker Drums

General info

  Crawling out of the smoldering ashes & rising from the flaming wreckage of a Tampa Bay Metal Scene that ultimately all but completely crashed and burned in the late 90’s, two members of Nuclear Blast recording artists “Brutality”, Dana Walsh & Jim Coker (who is also formerly of Metal Blade recording artists Nasty Savage) got together to create something new with a much less brutal attack on the aural senses. That something would ultimately become MONEYSHOT when they infused new life into the project by cementing the line-up with Todd T. Riley, Scott Johnston & Jason Wilson, most of whom have known each other for several years before merging their talents, having supported each other in the Tampa Bay music scene & doing shows together while in various projects.
  A truly collaborative effort, MONEYSHOT is a complete group project consisting of not just 1 or 2 but several songwriters, singers & producers, all of whom have multiple talents & believe that writing as a group only makes their songs that much stronger. These accomplished musicians sharpened their skills over the years while sharing the stage with the likes of Deicide, Obituary, Dr. Butcher (Featuring Jon Oliva of Savatage), The Genitortures, Every Mother’s Nightmare, Crowbar, Lillian Axe, Danger Danger & Night Ranger, just to name a few, thus bringing together a diverse background of music & talents, ultimately culminating in a sound that is a mixture of their numerous influences, past & present. A sound that is at once both intense heavy rock & passionately melodic music, topped off with deep meaningful, positive lyrics & richly clear vocals.
  MONEYSHOT fires on all cylinders with an ambitious effort to capture the attention & the hearts of the rock 'n roll masses with songs that will appeal to a broad spectrum of listeners of various styles & generations of rock. With an artistry propelled by integrity & a genuine love for music, MONEYSHOT is committed to making music for real music fans in its attempt to establish itself as a multi-faceted hard rock force of nature by pushing the boundaries of polar opposites from the ultra heavy Pantera influenced “Living To Watch me Bleed” to the softer, emotional revelation of “My Eternity”, a song inspired by Scott’s new born daughter.
  Filled with strong emotions, MONEYSHOT puts a lot of raw feelings & heartfelt meaning into their music & lyrics as captured in songs like "Nothing", "Redefine", "My Eternity" & "I Never Knew", which are just a few of their sure-fire hits & will be available soon on the upcoming 4-Song demo they are currently recording & producing themselves. MONEYSHOT has the ability to stand out as the hottest new band to come out of Florida in recent years as was evident when told by newly acquired fans that they “stole the show” on their very first gig while opening for National acts Bang Tango & Faster Pussycat & opening for such credible acts as Godsmack at the USF Sundome & Jon Oliva's Pain (Founding member & lead singer of Savatage) all within their first 5 shows. Prepare yourself for a sensory experience, encompassing a wide spectrum of emotions that is MONEYSHOT.

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